Wasps and Yellow Jackets establish fast!

Stinging insects are happy to use the protection of your home and property to set up their nests. Chances are if you walk around your house and look around the eaves you might just see one. You don’t have to wait until you or someone you know gets stung. There is more information below!

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Wasp and Yellow Jackets can be extremely aggressive!

Don't ignore a growing problem

Fast Facts

They eat other bugs! This is helpful, however it is offset by their aggressive/territorial nature.

While possible, most of the time the colony dies off over the winter with only the next generations queens surviving to make a new nest next year.

They are Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, and Bald Faced Hornets.

Typically between 100-5000 workers. Some perennial nests can have over 100,000 workers.

Baiting for wasps and yellow jackets can be extremely effective for controlling them.

Have you noticed bees or wasps going into a hole in your wall?

It’s common for yellow jackets to create a void space nest. This is sometimes hard to detect as you may see an occasional wasp inside your house, hear buzzing, or barely notice it. This is a dangerous type of nest as they can break through your drywall into your house.

Asian giant hornet (Washington State Department of Agriculture)

Giant Asian Hornet

A new species of stinging insect as recently made its way into Blaine, Washington. This is a non-native and highly aggressive species.

If you suspect you have a nest of this hornet, please contact the WSDA right away.

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