About Bayview Pest Control

People in your community turn to Bayview Pest Control when they want to protect themselves, their family, and their investments from pests, and harmful chemicals. They trust our expertise to quickly eliminate and prevent pest problems in a modern, thoughtful and environmentally friendly way.

Our Mission

To be the house hold name for environmentally friendly pest control.

Our Values

  • Customer Experience
  • Technical Expertise
  • Integrity

Our Vision

To set a new, higher standard for your pest control experience.

A little back story about me, where I have come from, and what is to come for Bayview Pest Control. My name is Ryan Reynolds. I’ve been in the industry since 2014. I started with a regional company that was acquired by an international pest control company. In this time I was bit by the bug of pest control. I have a strong desire to help other people, and believe pest control shouldn’t just a service of luxury.

My name is Amy Reynolds. Bayview Pest Control has been a dream Ryan and I have been working towards and building towards for years. I have been studying for my Master’s in Business in preparation. I’m excited to get to know our fellow Bellinghamers and bring peace of mind to your pest control concerns.

My name is Oliver Twist and I’m the unoffical mascot of Bayview! I’m 1 year old Keeshond.

Why are we different?

My time at the regional company taught me the value of relationships and helping others. My time at the national company taught me how to think technically, and how to help large numbers of people effectively. Even though I enjoyed my time with colleagues and customers, I have always felt something was lacking. It was a focus on customer experience.

So what is customer experience to me and how do I intend to flip the script? Well, customer experience in my opinion is everything that happens once you dial your phone. From that point forward, everything is your experience. The experience you will receive when you choose Bayview to serve you is one of rapid and thoughtful action. We aim to service new customers by the end of our next business day, as well as our existing customers who rely on our protection plans.

The second part of the experience is ensuring that you are left saying “incredible” after each service. This is achieved through our communication to you before, during and after service. Our accessibility such as online appointment requests, phone calls, and email requests for service. Additionally, the technical expertise to solve the problem correctly and safely. Choosing a local and small company allows us to be agile. Staying on top of the latest trends, techniques, and information. One example is the use of “dry steam” and bio-pesticides such as beneficial nematodes, and fungal spores for controlling some pests.

The third part of experience is the focus on underlying conditions for control, and not simply relaying on large amounts of pesticides to get the job done. This reduces you, your family, your pets, and the environments exposure to pesticides. Things like sealing off certain areas to prevent rodent activity, managing the bushes near your windows to reduce spider activity, or limbing back a touching tree to prevent carpenter ants from infesting your attic. This is better for you and the environment.

The forth part of customer experience is the personal experience. It’s what happens when a reminder of an upcoming service gets sent, the caring aspect of making sure every home is left cleaner than when we got there. It’s about every step of the process to correcting the problem.

The bottom line is that YOUR experience comes first. From exceptional communication, rapid response and environmentally friendly expert service.