Your home is your castle.

Defending your home in the pacific northwest is no easy task. Mice and rats are wide spread throughout the area and well established. You want the peace of mind knowing that your home, family, and animals are safe from these pests.

People turn to Bayview Pest Control for rodent control when they want the problem addressed quickly, thoughtfully, and safely for your family and pets.

beautiful house on hill with blue sky needs rodent control

Fast Facts

Rodents vector over 35 illnesses and diseases. Some of these include, Hantavirus,  Leptospirosis, and the Plague.

 Its estimated that unknown reason structural fires are attributed to rodents gnawing on wires and starting fires.

Rats can enter in a gap that is as small as quarter and mice can enter into a gap as small a dime.

Rodents cause direct damage to insulation by pulling it down, and indirect damage by contaminating it with droppings and urine.

Rats reach breeding maturity in 4-5 weeks. this means that one breeding pair of rats left uncontrolled can turn into 1,250 descendants in a year period.

Do you hear chewing at night?

Mice and Rats constantly chew on things. This can be wood, wires, and other objects in your home. If you start hearing chewing, scurrying, and other strange noises at night, you might have rodent activity.

rodent chewing on electrical wire in attic
rodent gnawed wood to enter crawl space

Rodents will make their own entry points!

Mice and rats will try to get in to avoid the cold, rain, and predators. Even homes without obvious entry points can be compromised. Rodents will make their own given enough time and desire. Chipping away at your walls until they enter your home.

Bad Smell in Your House?

You have a bad smell in the house? You don’t need wait for it to go away. Regardless of the source of the smell, there is a solution to bring a breath of fresh air back into your home.

Sanitation, restoration, and other tools are available to relieve your nose of the foul odor.


crawl space rat droppings

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