wasp and bee control Ferndale WA

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wasp and bee control Ferndale WA

                                               Wasp And Bee Control Ferndale WA

Although wasps and bees are pollinators and are thus, a vital part of the ecosystems, their stings can be painful for most and even the cause of death for many people. That is why many people want to know how to get rid of wasps and bees when they find them around their homes and businesses.

Both wasps and bees are similar, so bees and wasp prevention and control methods work for both of them. These methods can be divided into chemical and natural.

Chemical Method

This is the most favored method because it is more straightforward and easier than natural methods. The chemical method involves identifying the wasp or beehive. You then wear protective clothing before applying a strong insecticide on the hive and the area. Some pesticides are specially designed for wasps and bees and are more effective too. Many companies that are into bee and wasp control in Ferndale, WA, use the chemical method.

The Natural Method

A Lure: Cut soft sweet and put them in an open sandwich bag, which you should place some 15 to 20 feet away from the hive. With each passing day, move this bag further away from the hive until you have gotten them to leave their original hive for one close to the bag.

Garlic Powder: Scatter some garlic powder in places where the bees and wasp congregate. It is excellent for repelling and killing them.

Citronella: Citronella candles have a strong smell that repels bees and wasps.

Vinegar: You can make a homemade insect repellant by adding one teaspoon of vinegar and some dish soap to a quart of water and filling up a spray bottle. You then spray it directly on the bees, making it difficult for them to fly. They also suffocate when they come in contact with the mixture. 

Clove-Geranium-Lemongrass Oil Blend: Here is another homemade pesticide that can work for wasps and bees. Combine these oils with some water and dish soap in a spray bottle. You then apply the mixture to the areas where they congregate if you can.

Dish Soap and Water: Mix both in a spray bottle and spray on their nests wherever you find them. Any wasp or bee that comes in contact with this mixture suffocates and dies instantly. 

These methods work but could be time-consuming and resource-intensive if you live in the Ferndale area. So, instead of doing it yourself, why not go for a company that specializes in wasp control in Ferndale, WA? You’ll be saving your time and energy and also reducing your exposure to allergens and wasp bites. Our wasp and bee control experts will come clad in state-of-the-art protective equipment, and you can trust them to do a thorough job for you. 

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wasp and bee control Ferndale WA