rodent control Bellingham WA

The most common house pests in Washington include rodents such as mice and rats and crawling bugs like ants and… Rodent Control in Bellingham WA Bayview Pest Control

rodent control Bellingham WA

The most common house pests in Washington include rodents such as mice and rats and crawling bugs like ants and termites. These pests are small in size, but they’re capable of causing considerable damage to property. Rodents are particularly dangerous due to their chewing habit. If you notice rats or mice around your house, it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible. To do that, you need to know the extent of the infestation and how to ensure they don’t get back into your home or business.

At Bayview Pest Control, we provide rodent control in Bellingham WA, to residential and commercial properties. Our experts for pest control in Bellingham, WA, assess the situation before providing the most effective rodent removal solutions.

Everything You Need to Know About Rodent Control

Rodents can get into your house through small holes, cracks, and chimneys. They can also chew through concrete, brick, and siding to get indoors. Rats and mice are usually after food and warmth when they get into buildings. Besides eating food and sheltering in attics, behind walls, or drainage pipes, they also chew on other household structures. These include wooden furniture, beams, plastic pipes, electric wires, and insulation.

Rats and mice gnaw on hard materials to sharpen and wear down their teeth, which grow fast. Due to rodent activity, damaged electrical wires present a fire hazard, making it crucial to promptly remove rodents and fix any damages.

Rodent Control Steps

Mice and rat control in Bellingham, WA, involves several steps. First, the pests must be removed from the house. Depending on the pest control company you hire, they can either be exterminated using pesticides or removed alive through safe trapping methods.

With the pests gone, any dirt left behind is cleaned up. This includes hair, feces, urine, carcasses, and shavings from things they chewed. Thorough disinfecting is required at this point to prevent the spread of diseases through these materials. Pest control experts also fix damages caused by the critters, for instance, replacing pipes or wiring.

After rat and mouse removal in Bellingham, WA, pest exclusion follows. This is where access points are sealed off to keep the rodents from coming back into your home or business. Experts use metal to seal openings since rats cannot chew through it, unlike most building materials.

Besides blocking openings, rodent removal companies in Bellingham, WA, will also advise you on the best ways to keep rodents from re-entering your property. When they can’t get inside, rodents shelter in the yard in old furniture or appliances and feed off garbage cans. As such, remove any clutter from your compound, and always make sure your garbage cans are covered.

We’ll Ensure Your Property is Rodent-Free

Left alone, rodents can wreak havoc in your home or business and make it unsafe for everyone. Our unbeaten services for rodent control in Bellingham WA will ensure your property is rodent-free and help prevent extensive damage. Contact Bayview Pest Control, one of the finest Bellingham WA rodent control companies, for rapid response, thoughtful service, and peace of mind. 360-746-8330. Book online:

rodent control Bellingham WA