pest control Blaine WA

Pest Control Blaine WA
If you're into pest removal in Blaine, WA, and you are looking to become one of the… Pest Control in Blaine WA Bayview Pest Control

pest control Blaine WA

Pest Control Blaine WA

If you're into pest removal in Blaine, WA, and you are looking to become one of the best Blaine pest removal companies, here are some pest control principles that can help you serve your clients better.

What Is a pest?


A pest can be defined as anything that makes life unbearable for humans, their domestic animals, and their properties. Pests are known to compete with humans and domestic animals for food and water. They also injure and spread diseases.

Types of Pests

It is worthy of note that not all microorganisms are pests and that the classification of pests is based on context. Here are the categories of known pests: Types of pests include:

Continuous pests are nearly always present and require regular control.

Sporadic, migratory, or cyclical pests that require control occasionally or intermittently.

Potential pests that do not require control under normal conditions but may require control in certain circumstances. Pests often take the following forms:

  1. Insects
  2. Insect-like organisms
  3. Microbial organisms
  4. Weeds
  5. Mollusks
  6. Vertebrates.

Pest Identification 

It is imperative that exterminators in Blaine, WA, accurately identify the pests they are to control. The more you know about a pest, the easier it is to control it. Here are some tips on identifying pests:

  • The physical features of the pests
  • The characteristics of the damage they cause,
  • Their development and biology,
  • The category they fall into
  • Your control goal

Pest Control

Here are some things that should guide your pest control strategy:

  • Pest control is only necessary when the pest is causing or is expected to cause a lot of harm.
  • Apply a control strategy that will acceptably reduce the pest numbers
  • Try to minimize the harm caused to everything except the pest
  • It could be more expensive to control the pest than what would be lost because of the pest's damage

Pest Control Goals 

Here are the goals your pest control strategy should aim to achieve:

  • Prevention
  • Suppression
  • Eradication 

Threshold Levels

Thresholds are the acceptable levels of pest populations beyond which they become “pests”. Different pests have different thresholds.

 Pest Monitoring

This is necessary for most pest control situations. It involves:

  • The kinds of pests present
  • Their numbers
  • The best time to begin control
  • How successful have the control efforts been?

Avoiding Harmful Effects

Avoiding harmful effects will require you to consider the possible effects on the entire system where the pest exists: other living organisms and nonliving surroundings.

 Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management involves combining appropriate pest control tactics into a single plan (strategy) for pest control. It involves

  • Identifying the pest.
  • Determining pest control goal(s).
  • Knowing the available control tactics.
  • Evaluating the benefits and risks of each tactic or combination of tactics.
  • Choosing an effective strategy
  • Observing the local, State, and Federal regulations that apply to the situation.

The strategy you choose will depend on the pest you have identified and the kind and amount of control you need.

Natural Control

Natural forces act on all organisms, causing the populations to rise and fall. They include climate, natural enemies, natural barriers, availability of shelter, and food and water supplies.

Applied Controls

Natural controls often do not control pests quickly or entirely. That is why Blaine pest removal companies often need applied controls like: 

  • Host resistance,
  • Biological control, 
  • Cultural control, 
  • Mechanical control, 
  • Sanitation, and 
  • Chemical control.

Pest Control Failures

This occurs when a pest has not been controlled even after applying pesticide. It is often caused by pest resistance, wrong pest identification, wrong pesticide, wrong dosage, and wrong timing.

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pest control Blaine WA